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$40 left, weather, decluttering

August 3rd, 2011 at 08:12 am

The kids had a great time at the amusement park with their old friends yesterday. It was so hot and humid but uncharacteristically uncrowded. The kids did just about everything they wanted to do and were asking to go home at 4:30. We usually stay until 9 or later. So, we ended up only spending $35 for parking, drinks, and some snacks. That's $45 under the day's budget.

It is sooo hot and humid here! It would be hard to take the heat under normal circumstances but since we have been back from Stockholm for less than a week (where the weather hovers around 70 with no humidity and a light breeze), the weather here is killing us. It rained some last night but it hasn't cooled off much. It looks like it will storm today so the wave pool outing will probably be postponed again.

I have not tackled anymore outside yard work because I have been sick. If it weren't so hot, I'd get something done but just don't feel like facing the heat with clogged sinuses. I do hope to cut the grass today if it dries out and doesn't storm. We have a lawn tractor so it makes cutting our one acre hilly yard pretty easy. I'll get DS13 to do the trimming and pushmowing of the parts that the lawn tractor can't do and DS10 will do any raking if it's needed.

DS10 and I spent the morning going through his closet and drawers. We filled 1.5 large black garbage bags of clothes to give to a relative for his boys. We threw some old damaged and/or stained things away and put the rest of his Catholic school uniforms in a large kitchen garbage bag for a friend. After the cleanout, he has enough clothes for school, play and church so no school shopping is needed for him.

When my sons outgrow things I put them into storage bins in their closets. When the bin starts to get full, I sort through it and send things to charity or to basement storage (for later use for the younger boy) or straight to my younger son's closet. The bin in DS13's closet is piled really high so I need to go through that next. It feels so good to get these things that we do not need out of the house!

2 Responses to “$40 left, weather, decluttering”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    You are doing great in decluttering!!

  2. frugalgirl Says:

    Thanks! It feels so good to let it go!

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